TRI-CITIES: A look at the 2013 heat wave

TRI-CITIES - It's a look at our scorching summer temperatures. If you've felt the need to take more dips in the pool than normal, it's because we are in the midst of one of the hottest summers ever. And we're still just in the middle of July.

An outbreak of fires. Local crops put in jeopardy. It's the fallout of this summer's scorching temps.

"It's not like it normally is here," said Tri-City resident Marc Hendrickson.

Marc Hendrickson has lived in the Tri-Cities for over 50 years. He's experienced his share of hot weather. He welcomes the heat wave.

"We had spells of extremely warm weather and it was great," said Hendrickson.

Marc wasn't surprised to learn it's the 19th hottest summer for the Tri-Cities.That record dates back to the early 1900's.

Over in Yakima, it's the second warmest since 1946.

"It's acknowledged: temperatures top triple digits during summer months in our forecast area, but as for how early? Well, that's what makes this year so unusual - not to mention, the dry outlook."

So far, Kennewick has hit the 100 mark three times this year. In Yakima, it's been two days. Normally both towns don't hit triple digits until the end of July, but this year is different.

"A large ridge of high pressure developed over the southwest of the U-S. That allowed the heat to build up across that area," said National Weather Service Meteorologist Michael Vescio.

That system caused the warm streak. From May to July in Kennewick, there have been 20 days where temps reached at least 90 degrees. That's the most days since the mid 80's.

Meteorologist Michael Verscio say it's just the beginning.

"It looks like warm weather is going to continue to the Pacific Northwest," stated Vescio.

If you thought the Tuesday before 4th of July was extra hot in Kennewick, that's because it was. Weather experts tell us the 108 degrees on that day was the hottest since 1922.