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Tri-Cities airport aims to make lines faster and waits shorter with TSA pre-check

Tri-Cities airport aims to make lines faster and waits shorter with TSA pre-check

PASCO, Wash. - The Tri-Cities Airport is hosting a TSA pre-check registration drive next Monday, Sept. 18.

Airport Director Buck Taft said it's a great program because it really expedites the screening process for people,

"You can keep your belt on, your shoes on, a light jacket on. You can leave your liquids and laptops inside the case. It generally just allows you shorter lines and to get through the checkpoint faster."

Taft said the airport sees 2,500 to 3,000 people flying out each day and the lines are pretty manageable,

"I mean just going over to Seattle's not that bad but coming back from Seattle you sometimes have longer security lines."

Once you pass the screening you can save time with the pass in Seattle or at any other American airport.

Unfortunately, right now our airport only uses a "light" version of the program,

"Currently we have an expedited lane which allows our pre-check passengers to cut to the front of the line but they do have to take their liquids and laptops out."

Taft said they need to be able to justify dedicating a whole lane to the full version. This is why they're hosting the drive to encourage folks to sign up,

"We want more passengers to be in the pre-check program. We're almost there we just need some more people in the community to sign up and be a part of the program."

To participate in the drive you need to sign up for a time on the website. After you go to the airport and are assisted in signing up for the program, you're set.

If you can't make it to the drive, you're able to log in to the website and sign up any time. The drive is for folks who need extra help or encouragement to get it done.

Taft said the pre-screen doesn't get you out of all screenings. You still need to go through a metal detector before each flight. But according to the TSA website, 97% of their pre-screen passengers waited less than 5 minutes at airports using the full program. Even with the metal detectors.

Taft said this event is for the community,

"We're trying to let the community know we have a pre-check line and we want you to get involved in this program. It will make your flying a lot easier."

To reserve your spot in the pre-screen drive, visit here.

To sign up for the pre-screen from home, visit here.

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