Tri-Cities among the safest places to live in Washington

TRI-CITIES, Wash. - When it comes to safe neighborhoods look no further than your own backyard. A list of the top 50 safest cities in the state is out and a few are right here.

Ron Ruth couldn't imagine living anywhere besides West Richland. He chose to retire here instead of Las Vegas.

He said, "I couldn't wait to get out. You talk about crime central. I'll say it very clearly that was not a place to live."

According to a new report from Safe Wise, most of our area is the place to live in Washington. The report looks at FBI crime data and population. About ten percent of that list has our names written all over it.

Connell ranks highest as the safest city in Washington. Only six violent crimes were reported in 2012.

West Richland also made the top ten. The community was sixth in the state when it comes to safety. SafeWise credits the police department for clearing over 90 percent of all crimes. Also for their work with neighbors.

Capt. Al Escalara with West Richland PD said, "We want to include them in many of the programs that we have and also address their issues and concerns they have. The only way you can do that is communicate."

Block Watch and other unique safety programs is a big part of who makes the list.

But what, if anything does this mean for the housing market? KEPR spoke to a few real estate agents. Even though there's no scientific data to support whether or not property values will increase, they did say that safety tops the list of priorities when it comes to owning a new home.

The whole Tri-Cities can be proud to have made the list and even communities beyond. These include College Place at 25. Richland came in at 29, credited for using the same resources as New York City.

Prosser in at number 33, followed by Pasco at 37 and Kennewick, squeaking into the top 50 with number 48.

It all makes perfect sense to Ron.

He said, "I see them patrolling neighborhoods on a routine basis. When you add it all up I think that's why we're probably number 6."

You can check out the whole list for yourself here.