Tri-Cities charities competing for $25,000

WINDERMERE REAL ESTATE-KENNEWICK NEWS RELEASE -- Windermere Real Estate-Kennewick recently submitted the names of 7 local charities that qualified for the $125,000.00 Windermere Foundation Charity Challenge.

The charities were Safe Harbor Crisis and Nursery, My Friends Place, Elijah Family Homes, Tri-City Union Gospel Mission, Therapeutic Innovations and Recovery (Ken and Teresa's Place), Tri-Cities Diaper Bank and the Benton Franklin Community Action Committee.

All charities needed to reflect the Windermere Foundation's mission to provide support and services to low-income and homeless families.

The Foundation Committee in Seattle nominated the Benton Franklin Community Action Committee to be a part of the five finalists in the Mountain West Region that includes Eastern Washington, Idaho and Montana. The Tri-City charity will be competing with charities in Wenatchee, Spokane, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, and Helena, Montana for a gift of $25,000.00 from the Windermere Foundation.

In addition to the $25,000.00, Windermere-Kennewick is contributing $12,000.00. The $12,000.00 will be divided among all seven of the local charities even if they do not win. AND, if the Benton Franklin Community Action Committee wins, they will add $5,000.00 to Windermere Kennewick's $12,000.00 and the other 6 local charities will each receive $2,833.

This is NOT a fundraiser. In order for the Tri-City charity to win they need to receive the most votes. Those voting can do so every day through April 4. Voting is easy and will take about 2 minutes each day. A total of $37,000.00 may be given to Tri-City charities. Voting is done online through either Facebook or

Vote Here: **Just click on the Charity Challenge and cast your vote daily.

Or you can vote at:

For any additional information contact:

Dave Retter