Tri-Cities crime tracking website at optimal accuracy rate

TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- An online program is up to full steam on providing crime data right to you at home. RAIDS Online has been up and running for the past year, and now all of our local Tri-Cities law enforcement are using it.

Tyna Antonson crunches numbers every day. She's a crime analyst for Benton County. Tyna constantly gets calls from people asking which are the safest places to live.

"They are moving to the Tri-Cities, and they want to know the safe areas that they can live in," she said.

Tyna points them to RAIDS Online, the online mapping system that pinpoints and tracks crimes in our area. It's been up and running for almost a year, but it wasn't until just this past month that police say it started running at nearly a 95% accuracy rate.

"We want our citizens to know what is going on. It impacts their lives every single day. It can impact your home prices; it can impact the safety of your children," said Richland Police Department Capt. Mike Cobb.

Every local agency is now participating. Not all agencies report the same crimes, but all report the ones you're most likely to be a victim of: property crime.

"Burglary data, car theft data, car prowl data - all of those are really important," said Capt. Cobb.

Tyna showed us some of the features. Randomly choosing the area near the mall, we found four car prowls in just the past week.

"The more information you have, the better actions you can take, and when it comes to your family's safety, I can't think of a much higher priority," said Capt. Cobb.

The information is intended to show the public trends, updating twice a day. Police say you can sign up for free and ask to be alerted when a crime is reported near you, giving you data at your fingertips, so that knowledge is power.