Tri-Cities ranked in top 25 best performing cities

TRI-CITIES -- A list of the best-performing cities in America was released today. Tri-Cities once again ranked in the top-25.

The report was done by the Milken institute. It ranked Tri-Cities number 16-out-of-25 in its list of the best performing cities in the U.S.

The study compared population, income, and the number of people with a college degree.

Educators tell us higher learning is a big part of what makes our cities rank so high.

"If you talk about the wealth of a city or the quality of life of a city, all of those indices are correlated first with education, because we're in a knowledge economy," says Columbia Basin College President Richard Cummins.

Tri-Cities was ranked tenth in the same study last year. Despite a slight slip -- we still beat Portland and Vancouver.