Trick or Crime? How to stay safe this Halloween.

TRI-CITIES - The KEPR Crime Tracker is taking a closer look at the trouble in our community that's been stirred up on Halloween. It's also the only time of year when kids are encouraged to knock on the doors of random strangers.

Halloween is meant for family fun. At least - for the most part. The spooks, ghouls and goblins are all fun and games on Halloween night. Until someone gets hurt.

"I've heard about kids smashing pumpkins, stealing kids' candy - going and egging peoples' cars," said Adela Flores.

The worry goes beyond simply pranks.

"First of all, my kids are very important, and their safety is very important to me as well," added Adela.

It's why Adela Flores will keep a watchful eye during trick-or-treating.

"It should be a fun holiday for everyone to celebrate and have fun and be safe," explained Adela.

To find out the actual dangers on neighborhood streets for Halloween night, I pulled the numbers of service calls. This covers each time someone called the police on Halloween night in Pasco or Kennewick over the last three years. I looked for calls about malicious mischief, drunk drivers, burglary and assault.

In Kennewick, not a single one of these crimes was reported last year, and there were minimal reports in the two years prior.

For the same categories, Pasco had six counts of malicious mischief last year. That's more than previous years, but still limited.

"They just don't seem to take place anymore," Pasco Police Captain Jim Raymond.

Richland didn't provide us exact numbers -- but said the city has seen no marked increase in crime on Halloween.

Pasco Police believe indoor harvest festivals and other events are replacing traditional trick-or-treating.

"It's not as popular as it used to be," said Captain Raymond.

Adela's kids still plan to hit the neighborhoods -- and even with a lack of crime -- she'll be right there with them.

"I plan on going with them for as long as I can -- as long as they plan on doing it," said Adela.

Police plan to be out in the busiest neighborhoods -- but they also hope you'll help keep the kids in groups and not by themselves. It's also smart to inspect candy, wear reflective gear and stay on well-lit roads.