Trios Health expands heart care services

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Trios Health is expanding heart care services here in the Tri-Cities. Patients having chest pain used to be stabilized and referred out. Now they can be treated right in Kennewick.

They have a brand new "interventional cardiology" team. This offers an alternative to invasive surgery, using a heart catheter instead. Doctors say this is a huge change when every moment counts.

Dr. Joe Loera, M.D., explained, "The sooner you're able to open up the blood vessel that's causing the heart attack, the better for the patient. You're able to save heart tissue if you're able to open up the blood vessel as soon as possible."

Interventional cardiology uses very small devices to perform a balloon angioplasty or put in a stent. But the new team can also go from diagnosing chest pain to completing a bypass.