Trios Health expands online service to Medicare customers

Trios Health expands online service to Medicare customers

KENNEWICK, Wash. - Trios Health is making their Urgent eCare service available to local seniors with Medicare.

The new telemedicine service, Trios Urgent eCare, is available to those under Medicare plans, but the service does require a low flat fee payment at the time of use, according to a May 19 news release.

Trios Health officials say no insurance billing is involved in the process.

The eCare feature allows patients to consult with a board certified provider by phone or video chat (i.e., Skype or FaceTime) for common ailments.

Health officials are pleased to announce the service is available 24/7.

“People in our community have really appreciated this new service,” said Dr. Wassim Khawandi, medical director for Trios Medical Group.

For more information, visit the Trios Health website.

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