Trooper rescues orphaned fawn found near its dead mother

BELLINGHAM, Wash. - An orphaned fawn whose mother was struck by a car and killed in Whatcom County is recuperating at a wildlife center after it was rescued by a state trooper, the Washington State Patrol reported.

The incident began Tuesday when Trooper Scott Brown responded to a report of a deer in the roadway in a rural area outside Bellingham

When he arrived at the scene, he parked in a safe place then walked over toward a deer carcass in the roadway. As he approached he spotted more deer lying in the brush near the road.

Suddenly a fawn ran up and began crying and rubbing against him. So the trooper picked up the baby, put it in the back seat of his patrol car and took it to Sarvey Wildlife Center in Arlington.

When the deer was first brought to the center, the staff found that it was very dehydrated and lethargic.

On Friday, after a few days of being fed formula, it is improving, but still lethargic.

Wildlife center staff members said they are optimistic that the deer will recover but it will take a long time - probably until next spring.