True story about attempted kidnapping in Umatilla

UMATILLA COUNTY, Ore. -- More tips are coming in after a woman was abducted in Umatilla County. She managed to escape with her life.

Images of the suspects were released over the weekend. The crime was the week before on Highway 730. Her car had broken down. She says two men pulled up and pretended to help. But she was dragged into their car and drove for miles before she was able to escape.

She told police the men spoke a mix of English and Spanish and drove a dark SUV. After such an intense story, police first had to check the credibility of a crime like this.

Lt. Greg Sherman with OSP tells KEPR, "Ultimately, we're trying to find the truth. And everything so far, points to the fact that this is a true story."

Police are waiting for results on some forensic evidence.

They would not reveal details of how the woman escaped.