Trying to keep the smoke out of your home? Here are some tips

Trying to keep the smoke out of your home? Here are some tips

TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- While the smoke is relentlessly filling our air outside, there are ways you can keep the unhealthy air from coming inside your home.

Dennis Damon of Griggs Hardware said one of the best ways to help is remembering to change your air filter.

“I've been recommending the micro allergen air filters,” Damon said. “They’re going to keep out 90 percent of the particles that are airborne.”

He said the micro allergen filters are more effective during times of poor air quality.

“You'll notice a lot more pleats on the filter, whereas a standard, this one's gonna have a different particle rate,” he said.

And although they normally only need to be changed every three months, with all the smoke lingering outside, Damon recommends switching them out every month.

“I would change it,” Damon said. “If you care about air quality inside your home.”

He said you can tell when it's time for a change when you notice dust and debris in your filter.

“Get in the habit of checking that. Right now it's more important than ever.”

The most obvious way to keep your homes smoke free is to keep your windows and doors shut, but also check and make sure that your windows are properly sealed, so that no smoke is sneaking through.

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