Two turkeys for Cadwell Dental

RICHLAND, Wash. -- And speaking of the holidays, a Richland dental clinic is holding a turkey drive, to help the less fortunate. But so far, no one is donating!

We got wind of this story Thursday night, and since we began posting it on Facebook, Cadwell Dental got two turkeys this morning.

But even the Tri Cities Food Bank is running low this year.
We're told it too hasn't gotten much to give to those in need.

I talked to them this morning, and they said they haven't gotten a single turkey. So they're in need too? Yes. And we are really hoping this will just raise the overall awareness," said Cadwell Dental Jeff Rugan.

The clinic will match all food donations to the food bank. And if you donate cash instead, you'll get that same amount in dental service in return.

If you'd like to help out, donations will be accepted at Cadwell Dental on Keene Road through Wednesday.