Umatilla approves third strip club, commissioner resigns

UMATILLA, Oreg. - A Umatilla leader plans to fight the approval of a new strip club. John Nichols was a Umatilla planning commissioner, he sat out the vote and then resigned his position.

Honey Bunnz Hideout would be the third strip club in the city, located in downtown off Sixth Street. Nichols is upset more people are speaking out against this and did not want his name on the approval.

"Umatilla is better than three strip clubs, I'm not done with the city of Umatilla, the problem there is to get more people involved in city council meetings, planning commission meetings, parks and rec meetings, it takes community involvement to make a community," said former commissioner John Nichols.

Just to get an idea of how dense the strip clubs are compared to the people, KEPR checked the numbers in Seattle. It has nine strip clubs for 650,000 people, per capita, that's about one for every 72,000 people.
In Umatilla, there's about one per 23,000 people.