Uncle who police say stabbed five-year-old niece appears in court

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Wash. -- The uncle who police say stabbed his five-year-old niece in Connell Tuesday night appeared in court Wednesday.

A Franklin County judge ordered a hold on 32-year-old Oscar Garcia-Romero for first degree attempted murder

"It's very out of the ordinary. I've been a police officer here since the mid-90's. I've never seen an assault on child like this before," said Connell Police Chief Chris Turner.

According to court documents, family members said Romero stabbed the little girl in the stomach and they witnessed him standing over her bleeding body holding a large kitchen knife.

"When we arrived, she was conscious. It looked like she was in shock. But overall she was calm and we just kept her still waiting for the ambulance to arrive," said Turner.

Medics rushed the girl to Trios Health in Kennewick where they performed emergency surgery, but later LifeFlight took her to Harborview in Seattle where she is now.

Although police said Oscar took off in his car before they got to the house, he popped up later in Pasco.

Documents show Oscar went into the Family Mini Mart and turned himself in.

"Especially when I have a seven-year-old son, it hits close to home. You know and something like this is a tragedy," said Turner.

But now so many are pulling for this little girl clinging to life.

“Hopefully our five-year-old victim recovers and can live a full successful life our thought and prayers are with the family," added Turner.

Court documents show Oscar’s bail is set for $500,000.

He will be back in court on the 21st.

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