Upcoming Road Projects for 2013

TRI-CITIES, WA - KEPR is looking ahead to road projects that will tear up our community this year. KEPR ran down the list of road work so you'll know if your commute is going to be affected.

Karen Kerr lives in Richland, but does most of her shopping along the Road 68 strip. It's a chore she doesn't look forward to.

"There is a always a lot of traffic, I have to time it out, I can't turn left at this light as soon as I get off the freeway from Richland, I always have to go through the light and turn around up the road because there is no way I can make the signal, there are just so many cars," said Kerr.

The dangers for Pasco drivers have not gone unnoticed. The city plans to spend more than a million dollars to re-time the lights and adjust entryways so drivers, like Karen, don't get stuck.

"A lot of people come to this area to go to the Walmart and all the food places along here, the movie theatre, and the TRAC, so I think it would be a good idea," said Kerr.

And to divert traffic from being focused on just one thoroughfare, Pasco will add a new road north of Sandifur. It will connect Road 68 to Road 100. That will cost another million and be complete by the fall.
The city wants to address existing dangers and be proactive for future expansion.

Pasco has 20 other projects on tap for the new year with a total cost of nearly 23-million dollars spent on the city's roads.

"We have been trying to take funding through some of the city and some of the federal and state funds, which has been helping us to do more projects this year than other years before," said Pasco Public Works Director Ahmad Qayoumi.

Other major projects include the widening of Oregon Avenue, Argent Road, and the Fourth Avenue Corridor. It's all a relief for Karen and her errand runs around west Pasco.

"I don't like to be on this road, just too many cars," said Kerr.

Drivers in Kennewick can expect phase-two of the Steptoe Project to be complete in late spring. The city will reinforce mainline bridges and
sidewalks and artwork will also be added near Southridge High.

Richland is still putting together plans for their year, one project will be to repave Stevens Drive from Williams to Van Giesen. The city called this 2013's version of the G-W Way project from last year.