UPDATE: 34 year old man killed in officer-involved shooting in Pasco

PASCO, Wash. -- Pasco Police shot and killed Brad Jensen, 34, of Pasco, late Monday night.

The sound that startled Dora Valero late Monday night sounded like fireworks.

"I wasn't sure if it was firecrackers or gunshots, but there were like nine of them, just boom, boom, boom, boom. One right after another," she says.

Just 50 feet from her backyard, police shot and killed 34 year old Brad Jensen. Police say Jensen was threatening people at this home on Desert Place near Road 44. When officers got there, they say Jensen came at them holding several knives. When he wouldn't put them down, police opened fire. Only a toxicology report will reveal if Jensen was impaired, but neighbors say he had a history of instability.

"'This guy, young man, was mentally ill.' Reprter: 'How do you know he was mentally ill?' 'He was on medication and things throughout the years, we've been here 20 years, throughout the years, he's had issues and it's because of his mental illness,'" he says.

Police say the officers took appropriate action given the fact that he was coming at them with knives.

"A knife is a lethal weapon, so you certainly don't want to use a tazer on something that's lethal," says Pasco Captain Ken Roske.

Neighbor Dora Valero says police have been to this neighborhood a number of times recently.

Police didn't want to release how many times they were called to the home where Jensen was shot, but did confirm they've responded to this block 31 times in the last five years.

It's why Dora and her husband have taken extra steps to ensure their safety.

"We put up security cameras and we've had our door reinforced. We had a construction guy come out and *reinforce our doors," she says.

The two officers involved in the shooting have been with the department a combined 14 years. Both are on leave while the investigation into the latest officer-involved shooting is underway.

The Pasco Police Department Officers involved in the early morning shooting incident are: Officer Steve Thatsana, an eleven year veteran of the department, and Officer Nathan Carlisle, a three year veteran.