UPDATE: Chihuahuas dumped in trash on road to recovery

UPDATE: Chihuahuas dumped in trash on road to recovery

PASCO, Wash. -- Last month we shared the story of a group of new born Chihuahua puppies from Pasco, thrown away in the trash and left for dead. Today, Action News checks in on the family to see their progress.

“They have come so far,” said Tri-Cities Animal Shelter Manager Jennifer McCombs.

From barely breathing to standing on their own four paws.

Olive, Gin and Petunia are overcoming the horrible circumstances of how they were brought into this world.

“I was there when they came in, they were cold and they were barely alive so our first thing was get them warmed up get some food in them,” said McCombs.

The tender love and care they missed from their mother during those first few hours of their lives. Found dumped in the bull dog carwash trash, just the three of them, freezing.

“So therefore when they come and they are looking so healthy and happy it's awesome it just makes your heart smile,” said McCombs.

A heartwarming sight to see, not just three but now four little guys reunited with their mother.

A full family waiting for a forever home, but there's still a few obstacles ahead.

“I would like to see justice done for these little puppies,” said McCombs.

Camera footage, police work and eventually cooperation from the owner lead them to this point. Now a court case will determine what's next for this pack and the man who left them for dead.

“We are itching for it too, we are asking all the time to see what's going on,” said McCombs.

The date for the case is still undetermined, putting the adoption process on hold too.

“We're kind of just rolling with taking care of them while there on this hold and then hopefully after that we will have some information,” said McCombs.

Until then they serve as evidence that love can conquer a lot.

“They are actually thriving which is awesome,” said McCombs.

The Tri-Cities Animal Shelter says if you're interested in adopting any of these Chihuahuas; hold off sending in your application for now. However, you can call the shelter for updates at any time.

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