Vandal does costly damage at Ki-Be schools

KIONA-BENTON, Wash. -- Ki-Be School District took a hit this weekend, literally. A vandal caused $100,000 in damage - likely in minutes. KEPR looked at why this doesn't look like the work of kids.

Melissa Mehrer and Chelsy Duncan were surprised to see law enforcement at their childrens' school Monday morning.

"I was wondering why the Sheriff's were here and then I got on Facebook about half hour, 45 minutes later and it was on Facebook and I was like Oh, that's why they're here," said Mehrer.

A vandal - in and out in minutes - but destroying so much.

Officials believe the vandal entered through through the back door before breaking through two more doors where he or she did $100,000 in damage.

It seems the person knew what they were after. Cutting wires, smashing servers, wrecking computers and keyboards. All without taking a thing.

"Horrible, that's awful, they knew what they were doing," said Mehrer.

Melissa's daughter said in her classroom there was no roll call and no way to input or check grades. She wants it fixed.

Cause I like computers and the teachers weren't able to get on the computer or anything like that," said Jennifer Mehrer.

And that's not all. The phone system was down. As well as the computer information system, and even cafeteria freezer alarms. School officials say a burglar alarm went off Sunday but deputies were directed to check out the wrong building. The vandalism wasn't discovered until Monday morning.

"This kind of vandalism is really just senseless, and really sad and disappointing, but we'll deal with it and move forward," said Ki-Be Superintendent Rom Castilleja.

They hope to have the majority of problems fixed in a week or so.
But in the mean time, the investigation goes on to find out who caused this mess.

"Oh I hope they are caught, and we find out who they are and that they pay for all the damages and have it publicized," said Chelsy Duncan.

Emails and other information from the past seven years may be gone -- which could be just what the vandal wanted. The district has no leads on a motive or a suspect just yet.