Victim identified in Walla Walla County homicide

COLLEGE PLACE, Wash. -- Neighbors in Walla Walla County are still reeling after a homicide. Deputies confirmed Yesica Olivos, 20, died of a gunshot wound Friday. Officials are still on the hunt for suspects.

It's a corner of Walla Walla County that appears peaceful and untouched by crime. But neighbors paint quite a different picture, especially after what took place Friday morning. A young woman was killed and left near the intersection of Mojonnier and Beet Roads.

"It was surprising. I was coming home, and the roads were blocked off, and I called my brother and he told it was something about a 20-year-old girl," said 'Anthony.'

'Anthony' lives just down the road. He didn't want to show his face to protect his privacy. 'Anthony' was the only neighbor who agreed to speak with KEPR. Others were too worried about their safety.

"We keep in touch around here, but anytime there's gang writing or something's happening, we call each other," added 'Anthony.'

One neighbor told Action News he heard the gunshots Friday morning. Another woman tells KEPR she's too afraid to look through her window at night for fear that she might see what she believes to be gang-activity.

One neighbor tells KEPR a bridge near the stated intersection gets all sorts of gang graffifi. That neighbor told us it's where deputies found the body.

Someone spotted Yesica Olivos dead Friday morning and called police. Traffic was redirected all day as detectives worked the scene. A day later, no arrests are reported. Deputies still don't have any suspects.

"I mean, do you think this is more of an isolated case?" asked reporter Abby Acone.
"Yeah, this is the first time anything like this happened down here," said 'Anthony.'

Still, there are very little answers to a very troubling case. Still, there is hope that justice will somehow be served.

Yesica's family understandably declined to comment on the case. If you have any information, call 911.