WA Senator Cantwell advocates for firefighter safety

WA Senator Cantwell advocates for firefighter safety

Wash. - State Senator Maria Cantwell is working to bring state of the art technology to firefighters.

Cantwell called for new technology, August 3 to help firefighters and community members battling blazes in Washington state and around the country.

A press release from the Senator said she is working with Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado on bipartisan legislation to give firefighters access to better technology.

Cantwell called for tools such as wildfire-mapping aircraft, GPS locators and real-time maps for fire crews in an announcement Thursday.

She also introduced legislation in April to assist firefighters that were injured in the line-of-duty.

“Firefighters on the front lines and those who give their lives to protect us deserve fair treatment from their government,” Senator Cantwell said during a March hearing this year.

You can view today’s entire hearing here.

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