Walla Walla County goes dry

-- Walla Walla Police Press Release --

Law enforcement agencies from the Walla Walla area joined forces over the weekend to make our streets safer during Saint Patrick's Day celebrations. Washington State Patrol troopers, Walla Walla County Sheriff's Office deputies, and police officers from College Place and Walla Walla took part in the emphasis patrols through an overtime grant from the Washington Traffic Safety Commission.
The officers working the weekend emphasis shifts made a total of 112 traffic stops and arrested one for investigation of DUI. Over the 2 week period around St. Patrick's Day, there were a total of 3 arrests for DUI. During the same 2 week period last year, law enforcement arrested 8 for DUI in the Walla Walla area.
Prior to the weekend patrols, posters were distributed to numerous drinking establishments and retailers with a reminder to use a designated driver whenever alcohol is being served. These businesses were enthusiastic about helping to get the word out to not drink and drive.
The drop in the number of arrests shows the message is getting out there, and people are listening.