Walla Walla County Sheriff running for reelection

COMMITTEE TO RE-ELECT SHERIFF JOHN TURNER NEWS RELEASE -- John Turner, Sheriff of Walla Walla County since 2011, today announced his candidacy to seek re-election to the Office of Sheriff for Walla Walla County.

"I feel blessed every day as the elected Sheriff of Walla Walla County and I appreciate our community's on-going support for strong and consistent law enforcement. I am proud of the Sheriff Office's accomplishments in the last three years, and would very much like to continue elected service to our community," said Sheriff Turner.

According to Donald Schacht, former Walla Walla County Prosecutor, retired Presiding Superior Court Judge, and co-chair of the Committee to Re-elect Sheriff John Turner, in 2010 John Turner ran for County Sheriff on three major goals: to provide 24/7 patrol coverage to the county; to re-establish the Sheriff's Office patrol K-9 program; and, to address gang activity in the county.

"Sheriff Turner has remained true to his word," said Judge Schacht. "Immediately upon taking office, Sheriff Turner met with his deputies to establish ten goals for 24/7 patrol deployment. In February 2011, just two months after taking office, Sheriff Turner worked with the Board of County Commissioners to amend the deputies' contract in order to provide 24/7 patrol service to the citizens of our county."

During his first year in office, community members partnered with Sheriff Turner to form the non-profit, citizen-led, Walla Walla Sheriff's Foundation, with the primary goal of re-establishing the Sheriff's Office patrol K-9 program. Within one year of formation, the Sheriff's Foundation raised 100% of the funds needed to purchase two patrol canines for the Sheriff's Office. "Thanks to a great partnership with our community, two K-9 teams are on patrol today protecting and serving Walla Walla County," said Turner. "Since their deployment, a number of criminal suspects have been apprehended with the assistance of our K-9's."

According to committee co-chair and retired Director of the Walla Walla County Department of Human Services Margaret Schacht, Sheriff Turner and other local law enforcement leaders have formed the Walla Walla Valley Strategic Gang Initiative to address gang membership and criminal gang activity. A three-prong Prevention, Intervention, and Enforcement approach, which involves partnering with parents, community, and social services, was instituted, with the first gang call-in occurring in 2013. "Sheriff Turner stands strong as Walla Walla County's Chief Executive Law Enforcement Officer on a zero-tolerance policy for any criminal gang activity in our County," said Margaret Schacht.

"With local family roots, humble hometown values, world class education and experience, and now a solid track record of achieving local goals, John Turner continues to be the right person to be our County Sheriff," said Donald Schacht.

The Committee to Re-Elect Sheriff John Turner also noted that Sheriff Turner was recently nominated by peer Sheriffs from across Washington State for the National Sheriffs' Association Ferris E. Lucas Award for National Sheriff of the Year and recently received the National Sheriffs' Association Medal of Merit for his outstanding positive accomplishments.