Watch: DOT traffic cam catches pair red-handed

SEATTLE - Street cams operated by the state Department of Transportation apparently caught more than just traffic on tape early Friday.

DOT operators were monitoring the cameras, doing a routine check of the Express Lanes when they noticed something odd on the Yesler Way overpass in downtown Seattle just after 4 a.m.

They spotted a couple of men peeking into cars, then looking around.

"So we followed them," said Bart Treece with the WSDOT. "Make sure that they weren't going to throw anything on the roadway...make sure they weren't going to hit any cars."

Suddenly one of the men appeared to smash a window.

"Before we knew it they went and busted into a car," Treece said.

Little did the two men know that the DOT had called Seattle police.

Officers rolled up within two minutes - and took both men into custody.