Wearing his Seahawks pride on his back

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- There's one local Seahawks fan who wears his pride right on his back. Literally. And he wears it loud, proud and permanently.

Kennewick's Michael Switzer is getting his man cave ready for Sunday's big game. He's got to hang some posters and other Seahawks memorabilia.

He went to three Hawks games this year and picked up a mini 12th man flag along with "louder" rag and of course, his huge 12th man flag.

But nothing compares to the canvas that displays his masterpiece. A Seahawks tableau that covers his entire back.

"There's the space needle with the 12th man flag on top", says Michael and then he goes on to describe the rest of his massive tattoo.

"Got Blitz the mascot in the middle and just look at the detail. The bird gang at the bottom. The 12. We put the 12 in the jersey. Got some fans in there and where there's some space in there, he's going to put some characters and then he's going to put feathers on the outside".

Jerry Alvarez at 13 Shades is the artist and Michael says he had to do it in stages over the past eight months. "I don't have a lot of tolerance, so we go in three hour sessions and it's hurt", Michael admitted.

And speaking of pain. Michael has some words of advice for the 49ers. "We got you guys here. You're in our house. We're the 12th man and we're harder, faster, louder and we're in your face. That's it".

The kicker to all this is that Michael was born in San Francisco and his mother, who lives just up the street in Kennewick, is a die-hard 49ers fans.