West Richland neighborhood gets new fire hydrants

WEST RICHLAND, Wash. -- KEPR is always watching how your taxpayer dollars are spent.

A partnership between developers and the West Richland Fire Department has made one neighborhood much safer.

Homes near the end of Harrington Road had no fire hydrants close by. Contractors developing land nearby agreed to add a water line that can be used by the fire department at no charge.

Firefighters say the closest water source used to be three miles away.

"When you have houses out here that do not have a dedicated water supply, like a hydrant system like you have in most municipal areas, you need to have access to water," said Chief Bill Whealan of Benton County Fire District #4. "With this, it will provide us the opportunity to have an unlimited water supply if the need arises."

The cost of putting in a well to support a hydrant would have been nearly $100,000.

The new line was put in by Marshal Edwards of Shaw Vineyards.

The area has had several fires in the past few years.