West Richland police warn about "illegal dumping"

WEST RICHLAND, Wash. -- With spring right around the corner, many of you might be getting rid of things in your house.

But, the West Richland Police Department wants to remind you that throwing them away in city trash bins is against city code.

Recently, police had to remove furniture and appliances from city dumpsters on two of their main parks.

Officers said those bins are strictly meant for park-goers to put basic trash in.

West Richland PD told Action News they think people are throwing away larger items to avoid a fee at the city dumpsters.

"Obviously it doesn't look good to have this stuff hanging out of dumpsters. Little kids can end up getting hurt on that stuff and so the city has these ordinances to protect citizens and to also keep things looking good," said Sgt. Duane Olsen with the West Richland Police Department.

Other cities in our area have similar ordinances, but in West Richland, if you're caught, you could be fined $250,