'What would you say to people who think Thomas St. George got away with murder?'

RICHLAND, Wash. -- The Thomas St. George case has run cold.

West Richland Chief of Police Brian McElroy says, "All available leads in this case have been exhausted at this time. The St. George case will be closed as inactive."

And with that, over a year of questions and suspicions have come to a close. Prosecutors will file no charges related to the death of Sandy St. George.

The mother of three was found dead following a house fire in March 2011. The case gained attention quickly not only for her death, but because Sandy's husband, Thomas, managed to escape the fire while his wife did not.

Their three young children also happened to be staying away from the home when the fire started early that morning.

Months later, it was determined Sandy died from breathing in smoke. But investigators could never say exactly what started the fire in the first place.

Neighbors near the West Richland home tell KEPR they're relieved to see this case put to rest.

Neighbor Bill Kanehl says, "I think it's wonderful it's going to lift a big load off the St. George family."

This is the second investigation of Thomas St. George to result in no criminal wrongdoing. West Richland Police looked into reports he was involved with the family's young babysitter. But the prosecutor found no evidence of a crime. The latest decision does little to appease Sandy's family. No one was willing to speak on camera about the current decision, but her family has filed a wrongful death suit against Thomas St. George, blaming him for Sandy's demise.
Officials who worked the fire investigation say there just wasn't evidence to prove foul play.

Benton County Prosecutor Terry Bloor says, "So at this point we're not able to prove a fire was intentionally set. If it were intentionally set, we're not able to prove who may have done so."

KEPR asked Chief McElroy, "What would you say to people who think Thomas St. George got away with murder?"

He replied, "Well I think this case, an investigation was conducted full and complete, and there is no evidence to show he started the fire and cause the death."

And with that, the questions must come to a close.