Wheels on the Ave lends a hand to veterans, Downtown Kennewick

Wheels on the Ave lends a hand to veterans, downtown Kennewick

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- The streets of downtown Kennewick were filled with shiny hot rods and furry pups for today's first annual Wheels on the Ave.

Visitors oohed and aahed at all the suped-up rides on display, but the event wasn't just about admiring cool cars--half the proceeds are going to help revitalize downtown Kennewick--the other half to helping veterans in our area.

The nonprofit Service Peace Warriors gives service dogs to veterans in need of a furry friend.

"Veterans have given us a lot,” said Eric Mattox, vice president of the nonprofit. “They've given us our freedom, and for us, as our family sees it, what's the biggest thing we can do to help out? Give service dogs to those with PTSD."

If you missed the event today but want to help out Service Peace Warrior, or if you know a veteran in need of a service dog, contact the nonprofit here.

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