Who killed Amyjane? Still no info 1 year later

PENDLETON, Oregon - Amyjane Brandhagen innocent face still reaches out from the past, searching for someone to solve her case.

Someone to explain what happened to her that terrible day last August.

Amyjane's family hasn't wanted to talk about the loss of the 19 year old. Her pastor says the young artist is still very much remembered.

Pastor Scott Little said, "I think everyone is hoping for answers and closure."

Amyjane had just gotten a job at the Travelodge Motel on SW Dorian Ave. She was part of the housekeeping crew and only a few hours into her shift, her body was found in one of the rooms. She'd only been working there for about a week.

Since then, there's been no arrests, no announcement of suspects. Nobody knows if there's a killer on the loose in the community. We don't even know how Amyjane died.

KEPR followed the story from the start. Hoping to keep her case alive, we set up a meeting with the Umatilla County District Attorney, everything goes through him on major crimes.

The interview with district attorney Dan Primus never happened, the meeting canceled at the last minute. KEPR checked in with police. We spoke with Chief Roberts, he wouldn't speak on camera or on a phone interview but assured me the investigation into Amyjane's homicide is very much alive. Chief Roberts told us he met with Amyjane's family just this week to fill them in on the latest in her case. He says Pendleton PD is confident they're headed in the right direction, but would say nothing more.

Pastor Scott Little doesn't mind.

He said, "I think then we would turn around and be angry with them for having let something slip or not being thorough."

Amyjane's life continues to be celebrated. Though not knowing what happened to her is heartbreaking.

"The joy and the wonder and the excitement of life, that was the legacy that she left for me and I think our church and for our community," the pastor said.

Hoping to get closure and let Amyjane rest in peace.