Windier Year? Some National Weather Service stats say yes.

TRI-CITIES -- It howled all day and maybe even blew you off your feet. Our viewing area experienced yet another wind advisory Saturday.

Winds were expected to reach upwards of 50 miles per hour in Yakima and the Tri-Cities on Saturday. And if it seems things are a bit gustier this year--- it's because they are!

According to the National Weather Service, Yakima has had three more days of wind (up to 30mph) than this time a year ago. In the Tri-Cities, it's a slightly different story. The number of windy days (up to 30mph) have dropped slightly.

But average wind speeds are higher than this time last year. All numbers aside -- locals tell us they're ready for calmer weather.

"I've had enough of the wind, and I'm waiting for the summer so I can go outside to the park and not worry about the wind," said Tri-City Resident Rafael Serrano.

"Actually, if it was warm, I love walking in a warm wind -- cold wind I don't like," Tri-City Visitor Jeraldine Allen.

Our current wind advisory ended at 8pm Saturday.