Father struck by lightning while giving speech at daughter's wedding

A Canadian man was struck by lightning while giving a speech at his daughter's wedding (CNN Newsource / CBC News / Family photos)

WOODSTOCK, NEW BRUNSWICK, Canada (WKRC) – A Canadian man was reportedly struck by lightning while giving a speech at his daughter’s wedding.

According to CBC News, JP Nadeau had just started giving his speech at the apple orchard in his backyard, the venue for the wedding, when it began to thunderstorm.

"As I was looking at the people and I was looking at my daughter and her husband and, but that's this way. Back behind me, where I couldn't see, was a wall of water that was coming across the field, the rain was incredible, but I mean I couldn't see it,” says Nadeau

Right as Nadeau began to call his son-in-law a lucky man, he felt lightning strike.

"My daughter was standing right there and she said she saw a lightning bolt come down and hit behind me there and I had a microphone and that jumped into the sound system and my hand just all lit up and I saw a spark of lighting, it was so bright in my hand, I couldn't believe it,” says Nadeau

The lightning strike left Nadeau with a black scorch mark on one of his fingers. He believes this is from the electricity leaving his body. He is doing fine and says his family was a little shaken up.

"They were worried about me, they thought I was gonna drop dead, you know, because it was a very close it,” says Nadeau

Nadeau has had other close calls in the past. A few years ago, he was on board a cruise ship that caught on fire and was rescued by the British Air Force.