Watch: 2 weeks of fascinating, record-setting weather

Did you know a baseball game at Denver's Coors Field set a record on April 23 for the coldest game time temperature on record? Just 23 degrees. It broke the record set... the week before in Denver at 28. Chicago had held the record at 29 before that pair of chilly games.Your browser does not support iframes.

These next two stories from the upper Midwest were also quite literally and figuratively "cool".

A video out of Plymouth, Minn. shows something that was termed "ice chanderling"-- something I had certainly never seen before:

According to WTVR-TV
, it happens when ice is brittle due to sun and warmer temperatures and reaches the state where ice first crystallizes, then splinters.

Over in Iowa, it was a situation that Seattleites can at least sympathize with: a missing spring.

Roger Fritz decided that it was May 2nd and his lawn needed mowing.

Never mind it was snowing and there were about 2" of snow on the ground:

I'm pretty sure that's not covered by the manufacture's warranty. Then again, I wonder if they thought to include "operation in heavy snowfall" among their exclusions? (Bet they will now. It'll probably be plastered in big letters on the mower itself.)

Closer to home, the weather has been a bit more tranquil but that doesn't mean it hasn't been boring. In fact, it's been downright beautiful at times, including...

A Richmond Beach sunset by Mike McLaughlin:

A glorious sunrise behind Mt. Baker by Greg Johnson of

And this West Seattle Sunset, taken by Jonathan Cooper on Sunday: