Another pot license granted, neighbors worry

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. -- Another license to grow pot was handed out to a farmer in Benton County.

This farm is near Prosser and we got a first-hand look at the set up. We also spoke with concerned neighbors.

Off an otherwise inconspicuous road in Benton County, a chain-link fence covered in visqueen catches the eye.

"Well when I first saw it, I didn't know what it was," says Rita Smith.

What's inside is even more eye-popping. 17 thousand square feet of soil, equipment and you guessed it. Pot.

It's Fireweed Farms, the second state-licensed cannabis grower in Benton County.

And with the granting of their new pot license, this operation is just about ready to go. From security systems to name tags, they say when the time comes, the product is going to sell itself.

The marijuana wholesaler didn't want to go on camera or give his exact address, but says by June, this land will be covered in the THC producing plants.

A prospect that has neighbor Rita Smith worried.

"There are people in the world who might not want to purchase this legally and so they will try to do it illegally," she says.

Rita has lived in the house that sits across the street from the grow operation for almost 60 years.

Beyond the clientele attracted to the farm, she takes moral issue with marijuana.

"You are under the influence of a drug. What are you going to do? Are you in control of yourself? Probably not," she added.

Rita isn't the only one concerned.

We went door to door talking to neighbors. Each person we spoke with didn't like the idea of the farm.

Rita says it's a statewide issue.

"I think we have a problem in Washington with the laws we've passed recently. And that's one of them," she says.

The farmer says set-up, license fees and security costs have run into the six figures. Part of the new economy growing in Washington.

This farmer is licensed to grow 13 thousand square feet of pot. Another Benton County farm who got his license last week, is only growing about half that.

More licenses will be granted in the coming months with a raffle for the remaining few in July.