Badger Mountain safety survey first of its kind

RICHLAND, Wash. -- It's a first of its kind survey that looks at the safety on Badger Mountain.

Hundreds of hikers and joggers weighed in on how to improve safety on the trails.

80 percent asked for more signs to point out dangers. A majority thought jagged rocks that mark the trail should be adjusted or removed.

Many people we spoke with said hikers just need to be prepared.

"I would take it with a grain of salt. I mean, it's a trail. I don't see any hazardous aspects to the trail. It's steep, if you can't go up a steep trail, well, don't go on the trail," says hiker George Klinger.

The trail is maintained by a group of volunteers designated by Richland and Benton County.

Adding new trails is in the works by that group.