Beer and wine garden at Pasco Farmer's Market

PASCO, Wash. -- The Pasco Farmer's Market is trying something new. They launched a new beer and wine garden. This was their second weekend giving it a try.

Brian McCoy comes to the Pasco Farmer's Market a few times a year.
When he got here Saturday morning - he was in for a treat.

Reporter: "Were you surprised to see a beer garden?"
McCoy: "Yes. I was. I thought I was in Vegas."

Brian didn't have to think very hard before making the decision to indulge.

"I'm hot, I'm refreshed. I've got my sandwich, my fruit, and a beer. What could be better?"

The beer and wine garden at the Pasco Farmer's Market is the first one in all of eastern Washington. The executive director of Downtown Pasco Development Authority, Michael Goins, got the idea after a new law passed allowing farmers markets to have wine and beer tastings.

"We wanted to take it a step further and give people something that's more than a tasting. Something where they can sit and enjoy a beer or a glass of wine, especially when it's locally grown," said Goins.

The wine is from Gordon Estates winery in Pasco. There's a red, white and rose available. The beer is from Ice Harbor Brewery. It costs $3.00 for beer and $5.00 for wine.

The only rule is you must stay inside the beer and wine garden while enjoying your drink.

"I think people like it. We're not doing it as a revenue generator, we're just going it to have something different in case someone wants to use it. I think it's enjoyable for some people. I think some people are a little shocked, but we've gotten all positive reaction so far," said Goins.

Goins hopes the recent launch of free Wi-Fi in downtown Pasco paired with this will be a new hangout spot for some.

"We're trying to make this area just an area where you can sit and enjoy yourself. Not just come and shop but you can extend your time at the market," he said.

Once the popularity of the garden picks up, Goins says they will add more types of beers and even mimosas.