Ben Ensign remains in critical condition; still no charges filed

RICHLAND, Wash. -- The Richland man critically-injured by bouncers at Jack Didley's in Kennewick is showing progress in his recovery, but the news is not all good.

Ben Ensign's family and friends said he is awake but cannot talk or move the right side of his body.

He is also unable to recognize anyone or breathe on his own. They said doctors are comparing his abilities to that of an infant, and it is still too soon to tell if he will ever recover completely.

There are still no charges filed in the case. Many of you have contacted Action News asking: What's taking so long?

Action News took those concerns to police who said they are getting close to wrapping their investigation.

Ensign was injured 4th of July night outside Jack Didley's.

Officers are still conducting additional interviews and must submit a final report to the Prosecutor before any decision will be made on criminal charges.

Witnesses said two bouncers picked him up and threw him head first into the sidewalk. Ensign had already been kicked out of the bar once but apparently tried to go back in.

Action News talked to his family members who say they just don't understand how no one is being held responsible for his devastating injuries.

"It's actually been an emotional roller coaster, realizing he could be gone any day now,said Megan Ensign, Ben's sister. "We are taking it hour by hour, and being with him every moment we possibly can. The anger has taken over and we are trying to move in a positive direction, to fight for Ben's justice."

The club owner tells KEPR he stands by his staff. Police say they will release surveillance video of the incident as soon as the investigation is over.