Burglaries down since spike last month

TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- The KEPR Crime Tracker is continuing to follow the recent spike in home burglaries and cars ransacked across the Tri-Cities. In comparing January to February, numbers are way down. KEPR looked at what parts of town are still getting hit the hardest.

"It was this window, yeah, this window that they broke into, and my room is right next door," said Valerie Candelaria.

Candelaria is a mom of four. She considers herself lucky. Some way, somehow, the burglars skipped her window to break into her neighbor's.

"When I had spoke to them a couple days after, and they had broken into the front window, I think it was their room, and they got everything stolen. Like all the Xbox and stuff, the TV, all the electronics stolen," she said.

Candelaria says the neighbors were so spooked, they moved out of state.

"It could happen again. I have kids. I don't want it to be my house."

Which is why she takes extra safety precautions to lower her odds of being the next victim.

"After that, I check my windows every night, make sure they are all locked, my kids' windows, too. I put my couch in front of the door."

In the first few weeks of February, there were 130 home burglaries, car thefts, and thefts from inside cars. In the same time last month, there were almost 100 more incidents. Police say the recent drop could be because of some key arrests last month. The most recent cluster is along Clearwater Avenue in Kennewick from Edison Street to Highway 395. Those ten happened in the past week. Police say they are not necessarily related.

Calendaria says she's happy to hear there have been fewer property crimes in recent weeks. But says staying safe remains her first priority.

"It's very important. It's my kids, my little baby. I wouldn't want anything to happen to my kids, for them to go through anything like that," she said.

Police say all three cities have been working together to share info. They also know once the bad guys serve their time, they're quickly back on the streets to steal again.