Chiawana bussing students to football state championship

PASCO, Wash. -- Chiawana students are making big plans for their first-ever trip to the football state championship!

Chiawana only opened in 2009 -- and already the 4A team out of Pasco is making its first appearance in the state finals. The school's ASB spent the end of the day making posters and goodie bags for the team. Two busses are set up to shuttle students to Tacoma. The students couldn't contain their excitement when talking about the game.

"I'm super excited because it's our first time going to state and were all really excited to support the boys this weekend," said Cassidy Brown, who is attending the game.

"I'm super excited because a lot of my friends play on the team and i'm just super excited for the atmosphere and the state," said another student attending the game, Darbi Pink.

"It's our first time we're ever going to state championship for footbal so we wanna do as much as we can for the team," said the trip organizer, Sarah Leduc.

Chiawana plays camas in the 4A championship saturday at 7:30. KEPR will have a reporter at the game to bring you the highlights -- and hopefully the hoisting of the trophy.