City leaders say Edison construction on track to be finished by end of August

City leaders say Edison construction on track to be finished by end of August

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Kennewick city leaders say the busy construction on Canal and Edison is nearing the end.

The project has been ongoing since February, but now workers are starting to lay down the final pavement

"We have a bird's eye view of what's going on out there," said Jackie Brown, owner of Shelby’s Floral in Kennewick.

She drives through the construction chaos outside almost every day.

"We noticed that it was harder to get out especially when we'd take deliveries. We'd be here sitting on Clearwater trying to get out and it took a little longer," added Brown.

But Jackie and other locals can take comfort in knowing it's finally nearing the end.

City leaders say it should be done in just a couple weeks. Though it's been a somewhat of a hectic road the past six months, the city says the project is a big one.

"A lot of our commuter traffic goes down Edison to head to 240, so it gets a lot of use," said Evelyn Lusignan of the City of Kennewick.

The project addresses traffic flow by adding more turn lanes and center lanes.

In a couple weeks, hundreds of kids will return to class at Kamiakin.

The safety of the kids and other pedestrians crossing the multi-lane intersections was also a priority according to Lusignan.

Officials said two crosswalks are being improved with rapid flashers to draw more attention to foot traffic.

"There's a lot of kids and then there's a lot of people who live in the apartment complexes along Edison - then a lot of people who are coming in on our bus system. There’s a lot of foot traffic, a lot of bicycle traffic and of course a lot of vehicle traffic. This project is addressing all of those modes and so it's really a great enhancement," added Lusignan.

The project cost just under 3 million dollars from start to finish, with most of the money coming from the state said Lusignan.

City leaders ask drivers to continue to follow construction road rules for just a couple more weeks.

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