Columbia Irrigation District vs. Benton County in land dispute

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. -- Two government entities are going to court over a land dispute spanning more than a decade.

The Columbia Irrigation District says Benton County broke a contract by selling this piece of land in 2008.

Benton County says CID backed out of the agreement, so it had the right to sell to a private party.

Lawyers say you don't normally see two government divisions in court.

"It's interesting to figure out what exactly happened. This deal just kind of died, and it's not real clear what happened and why. So it makes the case unique," says lawyer John Ziobro, who represents CID.

Columbia Irrigation District says Benton County sold the land for much less than the land is worth, which is against federal gifting rules.

A judge will hear arguments next week. A ruling is expected after that.