Convicted killer learned his fate, almost passed out

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. -- A convicted killer nearly passed out as he was led from the courtroom Friday. John Young was found guilty of premeditated murder. He shot and killed 17-year-old Josh Snapp last Fourth of July.

Young was offered a plea deal before trial, but turned it down. It's clear he wasn't expecting a conviction. The prosecutor was pushing for a guilty verdict of first-degree murder, but the jury had the option of second-degree as well.

Young's defense suggested he was just along for the ride and that his buddy was the mastermind of the murder. It took the jury just a few hours to bring back a verdict that pleased the victim's family.

"You know, it's almost surreal, and at this point, we're just glad it's over. Now we can really start moving on and remembering Josh properly, instead of worrying about the trial and everything that's brought us to this point," said Chris Snapp, Josh Snapp's father.

A second man, Josh Hunt, was already put on trial and convicted of second-degree murder for his role in the killing. He's serving a 23-year term.

John Young will be sentenced next week. The prosecutor said the sentencing range is 27 to 32 years.