CRIME TRACKER: String of burglaries hit Pasco

PASCO, Wash. -- The KEPR Crime Tracker learned shattered windows and doors at a handful of Pasco homes marked a string of burglaries over the weekend.

Police say the number off break-ins is troubling.

100 homes across the Tri-Cities have been targeted in just the last two weeks.

Arnold Zavaleta was shocked to come home from funeral and find his home broken into.

"The back door was open, and the house ransacked," he says.

Jewelry, cash, clothing, and even a firearm were all taken in the short time the home on Lincoln Drive was empty.

But Arnold's house wasn't the only one. Six other homes across Pasco were also targeted over the weekend, including spots on Sylvester, Marie Street and Margaret.

Police say in most all of the cases, the burglars used some kind of blunt object to break through a doors and windows, leaving shards of glass all over the ground. And once they were inside, they had their way with people's expensive goods.

Pasco Police Captain Jim Raymond says the number of burglaries in one weekend is what's troublesome.

They helped make some arrests in this outbreak thanks to observant neighbors.

"If you see something that's in your neighborhood that's out of place, call. We want to come, we want to respond. We believe that we're going to catch these sets of burglars," Captain Raymond says.

The neighbor in this case went so far as to follow the thieves to a storage unit after seeing them break into a home.

KEPR asked, "In terms of following a suspect, on the citizen's part, is that something you guys recommend normally?" Raymond replied, "We don't want people to engage the criminals, but certainly to sit back and observe and provide information to law enforcement so that they can respond and deal with those matters, absolutely."

And it so it seems that the best defense, is actually a good offense.

Police say the number of property crimes is going up nationally as well as locally.