Eight inmates sue Franklin County jail

"That kinda goes with running a jail. You're sued from time to time. Obviously, people have personal agendas. We have some very dangerous people that have a lot of issues and so we have to do certain things to keep them safe, to keep our staff safe, and to keep the other inmates safe," said Franklin County Sheriff Richard Lathim.

The suit names the sheriff and the manager of the jail, Captain Rick Long, as defendants. One of the plaintiffs was recently identified as being highly destructive to the facility and causing thousands of dollars in damage to the jail while being held on murder charges.

You can see the complaint here.

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Wash. -- KEPR spoke to the Franklin County Sheriff about a lawsuit against the jail. Eight inmates allege inhumane treatment.

They claim they've been chained up for days. Kept in their cells all but one hour of the day. And denied all visitation rights. Sheriff Richard Lathim says the litigation is nothing out of the ordinary.