EXCLUSIVE: Witness tells of horrific brutality by Jack Didley's bouncer

KENNEWICK -- A Richland man remains in a medically-induced coma, after witnesses say he was beat by bouncers at Jack Didley's in downtown Kennewick.

Action News spoke exclusively with one man who says he saw the whole incident happen before his eyes. And it has Ben Ensign's loved ones wondering when those responsible will ever face criminal charges.

Joseph Webb was across the street from the nightclub on the evening of July 4th. He says, "The noise that I heard when his head hit the ground... I'll never forget it. It was the loudest pop. It was like a small explosion."

Webb says it all started with Ensign was kicked out of the club for being intoxicated, but then tried to re-enter the bar.

"I saw them grab him in a choke hold, and drag him out the door. And when his feet were about out the door, the other security guard grabbed him by his feet and they picked him up. I thought they would walk him down the street, but they only walked him out about 3 feet out the door and then continued to hold him in a choke hold. And then as the guy's arms went limp, the security guard took his hand off his wrist and put it on his chest and slammed him, with acceleration, into the ground."

Ensign is now in critical condition, with a traumatic brain injury. Ex-wife Andrea Pizzarella says she's devastated, and left wondering how to make it all make sense for their young daughter.

"He may not ever be able to do anything again" says Pizzarella. "And how do you explain that to a six year old little girl who just wants her daddy?"

But through her grief, Andrea is outraged that no one's been charged with a crime.

KEPR has also learned the bouncer involved that night has also been questioned in at least one other incident, including allegations of excessive force. Action News did speak with the owner of Jack Didley's who said his security staff were simply doing their job.

But Webb says the bouncers showed no remorse for their actions that night.

"The one bouncer, who I would call the assailant, was laughing and had his arms crossed. Just smiling. I was wondering what's wrong with this guy? He doesn't see what he's just done??"

And Pizzarella says, "A man might die, and a child might lose her father. All because of that behavior. This is not the first time, and it won't be the last time unless something happens now."

Andrea says she'd like nothing more than to see Jack Didley's completely shut down. But right now, all she really wants is for Ben to be okay.

"I don't want my daughter to lose her father."

Ensign is still in a medically-induced coma. Doctors are trying to reduce the severe swelling in his brain.

Action News has learned there is surveillance video that shows what happened the night of the incident. But since there is still an active police investigation, the video has not yet been released.