Explosion coming Saturday at Hanford

RICHLAND, Wash. -- Hanford workers have been prepping all week for a big explosion this weekend.

Early Saturday, they will demolish a massive underground concrete structure. That structure once housed the largest nuclear test reactor in Hanford's 300 area. It's the last one of six that needs to be demolished. Hanford officials say the explosion is a necessary part of completing the cleanup along the Columbia River.

"This is incredible here what has happened in the 300 area. The 300 area had hundreds of buildings - 180 large facilities and many more small facilities than that. And what we have left is about 4 facilities. So there's still some work to do but if you look at the skyline around here, it's incredible what is not here," said the DOE Public Affairs Specialist, Cameron Hardy.

Explosives are considered the safest route for demolition. It's set to happen at 7:00 AM Saturday.