Family: Body found is Cody Mason

RICHLAND, Wash. -- We are learning more about the human remains found in Richland last night. Richland Police are not yet confirming it is the body of a missing man. But the family of Cody Mason says it's him.

The 26-year old disappeared earlier this month. KEPR sat down with Mason's father to learn what could have happened.

Linda Cameron was startled when a police officer knocked on her door at 9 PM Sunday evening. She was questioned about the property owner of a nearby shed where human remains where found.

"Yesterday I walked by it and I could smell it but I thought it was a dead animal," said Cameron.

The body was found by Cynthia Haley. She's the girlfriend 26-year old Cody Mason. He's been missing since early June. Cynthia had been a part of a community-wide search to find Cody. Sunday night, she found his license and cell phone near the shed. Combined with the strong smell, Cynthia called 911. The family believes it's Cody, but as of Monday, Richland Police aren't confirming that.

"We just can't say for sure at this time," said Richland Police Captain Mike Cobb.

But Cody's dad, Jay White, is sure. Jay may have been the last person to see him. He took Cody out to dinner and dropped him off at Bateman Island, where Cody was supposed to meet a friend. It turns out that friend was out of town and Cody was never seen again. Jay is sure the remains are his son.

"I'm gonna miss being able to sit down with him and go to races, I'm gonna miss working on cars with him," said White.

Cody has an older sister, Nikki. And two children, ages 5 and 9. Cody's father says they were his pride and joy.

"Cody was always very bubbly, he wanted your day to be good no matter what he was going through, he was the type of guy that would light up a room. I mean, the charisma that he had just, it was a spark like you couldn't believe," said White.

Cody did indicate some signs of suicide before he disappeared. An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday.

Cody recently obtained a warrant out for his arrest by the Franklin County Sheriff for missing a court date after he disappeared. He was accused of larceny and theft. His family says he never missed a court date, until he went missing.

There will be a celebration of life for Cody Sunday June 29th at the Shrine building in Pasco - 1811 W. Sylvester St.

A donation account has also been set up. You can go to any Hapo Credit Union location. The account is named "Cody Mason".