Hanford workers build tank system for Japan

RICHLAND, Wash. -- Hanford workers teamed up with their competitors in Japan for a good cause. A tank system will be shipped to the Fukushima to help clean the water used to cool its nuclear reactor.

Workers showed off the system today. It took just three months to build. Crews were on the job six days a week, 12 hours a day. The first tank is the control system that speaks Japanese and English. The other four sterilize and recycle. Their hope is that water treated with this system can eventually flush into the ocean.

"There's safety concern from this giant take farm. The safety for the workers that have to live and work on the site. It's a safety of, god forbid, there's any sort of leakage into the environment, so we would really like to remove or at least eliminate much of the safety hazard," said Kurion President, Founder, and CEO, John Raymont.

The system will be driven to Seattle and put on a boat to Japan.