Holiday car prowls have Richland PD reacting

RICHLAND, Wash. -- Richland PD is responding to a rash of car prowls at the Shopping center on Duportail Street.

The parking lots around Walmart and Target on Queensgate and Duportail have seen as many as ten prowls in just the last few days.

Thieves were opening unlocked doors and nabbing presents and other valuables right off of people's car seats.
As a result, Richland police increased patrols of the area.

"We've had our volunteers, our VIPS, doing patrols of the area during the holiday season, just to help prevent it and if they see anything suspicious to contact the patrolmen so they can come in," says Richland Sgt. Darryl Judge

Police say car prowlers will be more apt to go through your car if you have valuables in plain sight.
They remind you to lock your doors while you're doing any last minute holiday shopping.