Jose Aguilar admits to raping and killing baby Serenity Reedy

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. -- A baby killer will likely spend decades behind bars. Jose Aguilar saved the family of his victim from a lengthy trial by pleading guilty to murder and rape. He took the life of nine month old Serenity Reedy. KEPR spoke exclusively with the baby's father.

The death of Serenity Reedy rocked the Tri-Cities community. It wasn't just the horror of her murder. But the rape of the nine month old as well. The community has demanded justice ever since. And Wednesday was the day. Jose Aguilar admitted to his heinous crimes.
Serenity's father, James Reedy, spoke with KEPR over the phone.

"I thought to myself what took him so long. We've always known he did it, it wasn't really a question," said Reedy.

Jose Aguilar's trial was supposed to begin Monday. But instead, he changed his plea. Prosecutors weren't offering a deal. He pleaded to exactly what he was charged with: second degree murder with two aggravating factors, as well as rape of a child. James was actually hoping for a trial.

"It was something something I wanted to happen because it will (would) expose in great detail the type of person he was and the reason that he did this. I was told through friends of his family that it was known that he was that kind of person," he said.

Aguilar was a low level sex offender out of Kansas. He had been dating Serenity's mother for a short time before the baby's death. Jennifer Reedy reported finding her daughter dead in her crib. Aguilar had fled the state. He made it to California before he was arrested and returned to Washington. James last saw his daughter about two months before she was killed.

"I'm very happy that she didn't have to suffer. I'm not happy that he did what he did but I'm happy that God took her before she had to live a life of recovery," said Reedy.

He tries his best to see the positives through such evil.

"It's been hard losing her but at the same time when I tell people about the story, I have to mention how much of a blessing she was," he said.

James hopes to begin a non-profit to help children who are victims of sexual abuse. So that Serenity Reedy will always be remembered.

The prosecutor recommended a 40 year sentence for Aguilar. His sentencing will be in a few weeks.